Kawa-zuki 4-stroke

Courtesy of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Suzuki Motor Corporation and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced that they would start distributing their co-developed motorcycle to the worldwide market in September 2003.

On August 29, 2001, Suzuki and Kawasaki announced an agreement on their business alliance. As a first step of this alliance, in February 2002, they started mutually supplying motorcycle and ATV OEM models in the Japanese domestic and overseas markets.

The first co-developed motorcycle is a motocross model with 250cc 4-stroke motor. It is jointly designed by both companies and will be produced at Kawasaki factory in Japan. Sales of this model will be done separately through each brand’s own dealer network as Suzuki and Kawasaki product respectively. Both companies will also utilize the All Japan Motocross Championship starting this April as a final test around and research by letting their supporting racers ride the prototype of this model.

By fully utilizing both parties’ combined resources, Suzuki and Kawasaki made it possible to co-develop new product in a short period. This is another milestone accomplished by both companies through their business alliance next to on-going mutual OEM products supply.

Both companies are going to get the practical synergy out of this alliance by positively promoting further OEM supply, co-development of future products and commonizing parts and components.
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