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Anyone out there have good comparative experience with the various makers of Cordura outerware, e.g., Aerostich vs. Tourmaster vs. Motoport vs. Firstgear vs. Belstaff vs. Cycloak, etc? I recently purchased a full set of Gerbings electric liners. It seems logical to me that the best flexibility would be achieved with the outer Cordura shell separate from a layer of armor with mesh, such as Dainese and others sell. This way, one could wear the armor with a lighter shell in really hot weather, using a more substantial shell in cooler weather, either with some additional liners or fleeces, then use the electric liners when the temps are low. Any comments from anyone with experiences in this type of gear would be very appreciated. I live in NYC and commute with my FJ1200 only occasionally, using it mainly for sport-touring and light touring. Thanks, Dan

MO's done a lot of camparisons of ride gear, you can search for them or look on the parts review archive page. --MO

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