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It's winter, it's snowing here, it's a slow news day, so i'll make some news.

This isn't EXACTLY "news", but I think it will be informative and interesting. Lots of people talk about brand loyalty and sticking with certain makes or models, but let's really test loyalty to a certain brand or genre if certain conditions existed.

1. You get any motorcycle manufactured up to 2003, regardless of cost.

2. You have to keep and ride this motorcycle for 20 years.

3. You cannot own or ride any other motorycle for the duration of ownership.

I picked these conditions to factor in maintenance, durability, and adaptability, and factor out resale value, narrow focus, and multi-bike ownership. It's designed to make you think. It also tests a loyalty to a brand when trading to a newer or different model isn't an option.

Sounds a lot like a marriage?? It is (and I'll stop there). You get to pick it, and now you have to live with it. So under the conditions above, which bike would you pick? Would it be the same as any bike you have owned in the past, or currently ride? Also, try to explain why you chose your ultimate motorcycling partner.
Give us your feedback on this one, and be honest.
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