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MORidian ciao writes:

Be a Motorcycle Tycoon!

Chongqing Motorcycles of China has sent me an email asking if I want to become a distributor for their bikes. Not that I’m anyone special, as they’re quick to ask whether anyone at all – including you! - wants to become a distributor.

Here’s the email, which includes links to their website. Hunt around to find the “new” Yinxiang YX series, including the flagship V-twin YX250! Would you like to sell these bikes? Would you like to buy one? Would you ever even ride one?

Dear Sir
We fetch your name through our internet.
Our Group manufacture and distributes various whole motorcycle
units(displacement ranging from 48cc to 250cc,including
1, Two-wheel motorcycle
2, Three-wheel CNG motorcycle
3, Four wheels CNG motorcycle( or mini car for carrying goods and taking
4, ATV ,Off road, baby motorcycle
5, Tractor
6, Generator ; pump
7, Outboard engine
and accessories especially main accessories of motorcycle, such as engine(including crankcase, crankshaft connecting rod, carburetor, engine cylinder head, cylinder body, clutch,piston and piston rings), frame, fuel tank, shock absorber, disk brake, panels, wheel hub and so on.So far, they have sold very well to markets in many countries and areasaround Asia, Africa and Latin America, meanwhile, we establish service spots and sub-factories around there. We would now like to market the motorcycles and spare parts directly in your country.We would appreciate your advise on whether your company would be interestedIn acting as a distributor in the your country or if you have any recommendations on any other your country?ˉs associates who might also be
interested.For further information about our products, kindly please visit our
technical info.
We look forward to your reply.
Yours sincerely,
Mr.Weilin (Sales Manager)
[email protected]
[email protected]


If you’re interested in technical curiosities, be sure to go to the second url in that email, hit “motorcycles” and then the “Spare Part – Engine” link, to find things like the “YG244FMI Twin-Clyinder(125)” which has these specs: “Type: One-clyinder. Air-cooling. Electrical starting. Four-structure.”)

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