The Apocalypse Deferred!

Eric Bass
by Eric Bass
Contrary to some MOronic predictions of the release of "Biker Boyz" creating a rupture in the time space continuum that would irrevocably shatter the good name of bikers everywhere and ruin all of our fun (not to mention drive up our insurance rates), the film's release has movie-goers staying away in droves. Phew!

How bad does a movie have to suck to be blown away by Kangaroo Jack in it's second week? "Biker Boyz" bad! This week's box office:

1 How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

2 Shanghai Knights

3 Chicago

4 The Recruit

5 Final Destination 2

6 Deliver Us from Eva

7 Kangaroo Jack

8 Biker Boyz

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Eric Bass
Eric Bass

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