Who is Longride?

Many of the regular MO readers are probably wondering who is Longride, and why is he here?

Since no explanation was given to the MO readers as to why, or how, I started posting news here at MO, I will give everyone a brief history of events as well as a short bio. The MO staff has no idea I am posting this, but I feel this will clear a few things up for everyone.

I was one of the vocal minority of MO readership that felt that the news area here at MO could use some upgrading. Some of you may remember my posts, where I offered to post news, if they gave me a login. I was sure they didn’t have the time or staffing to give the people who wanted more and timely news, what we wanted. Well, MO contacted me and took me up on my offer. They offered to pay me a monthly fee, which I refused, because I didn’t really want to get paid for doing this. I just figured I could post new things daily that we could all check out and discuss. MO already does really good bike reviews and shootouts, but those events come at random times. I wanted to give the MO subscribers a reason to visit every day. I told the MO staff to renew my subscription, and that would be enough. MO also asked me if I would like to test some gear in the future. I accepted, and you readers may be seeing some gear tests in the future from me. I am still exploring the limits of what I can and can’t do here, as I am not a journalist, nor a real member of the staff. Not being an English major, or journalist, also give me the right to commit many of the common grammatical and spelling mistakes when posting news, without getting the usual flaming that goes with the errors. So, if I mess up, live with it.

I don’t have a staff profile here at MO, so here goes. I am 45 year old retired firefighter, have 2 college degrees, and currently work as a computer programmer. I live in the Chicago area and have 2 children. I have ridden motorcycles for 35 years, lost count of how many I owned or have ridden extensively, and own 3 currently; a 2001 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Classic, a 1976 Harley-Davidson Superglide, and a 2000 Kawasaki ZX9R Ninja. The number and brands of motorcycles I own changes regularly, so this list is only temporary. I enjoy every type of riding from cruising around town, ripping up the back roads, commuting to work, to touring the country. I also enjoy modifying and repairing all the bikes I own, because to me, part of the enjoyment of this great sport, is being familiar with the bike, and having the peace of mind, and satisfaction, of knowing your own machine inside and out.

So, in conclusion, I’m not doing this job for the fame, and certainly not for the money. I am doing it to improve the news area of this site, and to give more people more opportunities to post feedback on different topics. I’m sure there will be differing opinions on whether the news is improved or not, but there is no argument there is more content. The fact that I now post news, instead of just read MO, isn’t going to change my posting style. I’m still going to post feedback in my usual calm, neutral, relaxed, and non-threatening manner that you all have come to know and love :) So, I hope that explains what has been going on here at MO. Since I am here to serve the readership, any, and all, suggestions for improvement will be helpful. Also, thanks to the MO staff for putting up with me so far, as I’m sure they wonder what they were thinking sometimes. So comment, flame, suggest, and let it all out. See you all down the road.
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