AMA Superbike Rules 2004

Possible new rules in Superbike. KPaul is dancing in the streets!

AMA Pro Racing has proposed that Superbike rules be the same for every engine configuration starting in 2004, while requiring engines to measure between 901cc and 1000cc. Current rules allow 1000cc Inline Fours under more restrictive rules than those applied to 750cc-800cc Inline Fours and 1000cc Twins.

According to an AMA Pro Racing Competition Memo dated January 27, the sanctioning organization is seeking feedback from riders and other credential holders on the proposal, which reads as follows:

2004 AMA Superbike Proposal

AMA Pro Racing is considering the elimination of the 750cc-800cc four cylinder and the 900cc three cylinder engine categories from the Superbike class beginning in 2004. The result would be as follows:

(a) One allowable engine displacement category of 901cc - 1000cc regardless of the number of cylinders.

(b) Common technical specifications for all 901cc - 1000cc Superbikes regardless of the number of cylinders.
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