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Hey everyone,

I've been riding bikes for about five years now. I have owned a 85' Honda Magna, 2001 Honda A.C.E 750 and currently a 2002 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic. I have really enjoyed these cruisers but have recently been considering moving to sport bikes. I want something modern, I'm getting tired of 6" diameter speedometers and no fuel gauge. Here are are requirements in a bike...

Must have a comfortable riding postion.
Must be able to handle intersate speeds without a lot of buzzy vibration.
Must be easy to ride (not interested in racing).
Must be able to strap enough camping gear on it for overnight outings.
Must be $7000 or less.

I mostly use my bike to commute to work and as general transportation around town. I occasionally take off on 200 mile camping trips. I have no interest in racing or excessive speeds in general. The one thing I really can't stand in a bike is one that vibrates a lot at 70 mph.

So far I have found two bikes that look like they might fit the bill. The Kawasaki ZZR600 and the Yamaha YZF600R. I have read nothing but good things about them.

My problem is, having come from a crusier background, 600cc seems like a tiny motorcycle. Can a 4 cylinder 600 deliver a smooth, vibration free, ride on the interstate?

Someone give me some advice please before I do something I will regret. Thanks!!!

Get a V-Twin! Get a V-Twin! KPaul is going to love this one...

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