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I recently needed a set of front brakes for my '99 zx-6r (US) and decided to by the most expensive, racing dual-carbon compond that said to give "a 25% increase in initail bite over other racing pads." The problem is that they are smoother but within 15mph they stop slower then standard brakes. Is this normal with racing pads or did I get faulty pads? I tried an endo (or stoppie), which I could do with the original, but my front just locked up and skidded. I understand that in racing you shouldn't have to stop but I cant get enough grip for a burnout which racers do constantly. Thanks for any advice.


Dear Bear_1: Burnouts have little to do with the front brakes...

...any modern sportbike has more than enough bind to get one going. In short, ya' just gotta believe, brotha! Grab a handfull of brake, a ton of throttle, stand up and get your waz off the seat and dump the clutch. It'll burnout. If you don't believe and hesitate, it'll grab and loop you. But, then you won't do it again. In fact, you shouldn't try one in the first place.

Burnouts are dangerous and very bad for the environment. You shouldn't do them and we here to tell you to stop before you start!

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