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Fellow MO member phillybill needs our help:Hello, boys and girls,

My wife grew unhappy with her Shadow 600, took a ride on my Vulcan 750, and told me, "Find yourself a new bike. I'm taking this one."

So I'm looking for some guidance from people who have broader experience than me. Some possibly pertinent information:
1. I'm pretty new to riding; only been at it a couple of years.
2. I've put in about 18K during those couple of years, trying and pretty well succeeding in staying the heck out of my car, even during winter, as much as possible (I live in Milwaukee).
3. Most of my riding is commuting, with occasional 200+ mile trips. Lotta city riding.
4. I carry saddle bags stuffed full of stuff.
5. I'm happy with cruiser configuration, but I'm not opposed to putting my feet back underneath me (my only other bike was an '81 CB750).

I really like the Vulcan 750's mass centralization and low center of gravity, plus the dual front disks make me feel safe, so it would make sense to just get another Vulcan 750, which I might. Some friends have told me, though, that with all the riding I do I might be happier with a bigger bike. I'm thinking about 1200 Bandits and Z-Rexes. I'd appreciate any input from veteran riders.
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