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By Steven Holmes

With the exception of a small windshield on my previous sport bike, I've never used a fairing or a windshield; instead, I’ve spent money on leathers, helmets, and accessories to make riding without one enjoyable. The very idea of a having a windshield makes me think of a big Goldwing “land yacht” cruising down the highway. The reason for the personal equipment is I am a wimp. Yap that’s right I admit it, although I like the wind on my body and the feeling of being at one with the bike and elements, but I want the experience to be enjoyable.

I know you have seen one of those ape like creatures cruising, down the highway in 50-degree temperatures with no helmet and only a short sleeve shirt, and jeans. A prime example of this is just last week my wife and I where cruising down A1A to Daytona. Along the way, we saw our usual assortment of bikes, sport bikes, Harley’s and a winger or two. Most of the sport bikes had on full-face helmets and a riding suit. Winger, mostly three-quarter-helmets with there heated vest, and grips, and a sound system that was made for the hearing impaired. It’s the guys on the Harley’s or Harley want to bees “Japanese copies” that are usually the Neanderthals and why they don’t want to ware a helmet or other protective gear to protect them from the cold must be some kind of macho thing or is it because they just feel unconvertible in a helmet.

I ride a cruiser and in the wintertime, I ware a full-face helmet and in the summer time a three-quarter with face shield. Regardless of your helmet style preference the simple fact is there are at least, fifteen different helmet manufactures in the world and one of them is going to make a helmet that is just right for your head. So before you make up your mind that helmets are just to unconvertible and you’ll accept the risk and cold wind in your face and ride without one, go to a store that carries several different brands and try several helmets from some of the quality manufactures.

While there are many different things to consider when buying a helmet, the most important one is fit and comfort. Just like the woman who had her haircut three times and it was still to short, a helmet that is to small will be uncomfortable and if it’s to big, it will flop around on your noggin until it gives you a headache. In ether case, the results will be the users will find reasons not to ware it.

Any helmet worth its weight in salt will protect you head in a minor crash; it’s the unexpected out of no ware, bucked off the high side that all riders fear. For me, the choice is obvious. If I am going to ware a helmet, then it has to be one that fits comfortably, must meet DOT standers, and be approved by Snell. So, when I go to a store, I first sort through the manufactures, and only try on the ones that meet Snell requirements. Then after trying on helmets from four different manufactures, I found the new Shoei RF 900 not only fit my head the best the new system was truly 21-century. Shoei RF-900 incorporates the best of the RF800 system; light, comfort, and low wind noise while increasing airflow.

The visor mechanism is one of the best, well thought-out designs on the market today. While most other helmets have two small covers that require removal to access the visor-shield hinges, the RF-900 incorporates the hinge-pivot right into the visor. With the entire visor shield being transparent, including the area where the pivot is molded in removal of the shield is easy with no tools and with much less effort. The Rf-900 visor can also lock cracked slightly open to allows additional airflow for city congested traffic. “Just incase your not into lane splitting”.

Take it for a test spin.

The first thing you will notice about the RF-900 is just how quit and stable the helmet is. Known, as one of the leaders in the industry Shoei wind and stabilization controls have a reputation for being one of the best. Intake and outlet vents feature separate controls, so that you can open or close them together or individually and the new larger vents improve ventilation even further.

MSRP $340-$480 sizes XXSmall to XXLarge

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