New Motorcycle Recovery System

Story submitted by Ruben_Jackson:
I have been conducting a test and evaluation on a new motorcyle recovery system called a CycleTrak.

We installed the unit on a BMW K1200LT in Houston Texas and I am tracking it from Atlanta GA. The system works and was able to track the bike to the street where it was located. The way it works is, when the alarm is triggered continously for 15 seconds, it notifies you by sending a signal to your cell phone, pager, fax or e-mail. You can then log onto the tracking system's web site. That takes you to a control panel. From this control panel you can begin tracking the bike in real time on a map. It gives the speed and direction of travel, etc. The coverage area is all of the US, Canada and Mexico. You can even do a 30 history review to see a record of your own personal usage. Those who do the Iron Butt will love this feature.

Read more about the CycleTrak HERE
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