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Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff

--Press Release--The Women's International Motorcyclist Association Launches United States DivisionTORRANCE, California -- Women's motorcycling just turned up the heat to sizzling with the launch of the United States Division of theWomen's International Motorcycle Association (WIMA). The fastest growing demographic of the motorcycling industry --women riders,racers, pillions and armchair enthusiasts-- is now plugged in to a global network of sisters in sport!

Sporting pioneer Louise Scherbyn, who in 1937 was the first American woman to brave dirt and gravel "roads" to reach Canada'sTemagami forest, had a far-reaching vision: a world where women motorcyclists around the globe join together in their love of thesport. Fifty years ago she asked in an interview, "Why not unite as a body in exchanging ideas and opinions, problems and advice?"

From this question grew the Women's International Motorcyclist Association.Today, after a hiatus of several decades, WIMA is born again in the United States under the spirited leadership of long time cyclistand former road racer, Alice Sexton of Torrance, California. WIMA USA joins the world's largest women's motorcyclist organization,which has Divisions in 17 countries from Estonia to New Zealand and a membership roster of over 2000 women. The face of today'sWIMA is high-powered women who ride, ride fast, and have money to burn on their two-wheeled passion. They ride on the street,on the track and in the dirt. They are from all walks of life and social strata: bankers, artisans, teachers, mothers and entrepreneurs.

They ride to work and around the world.Says WIMA USA President Sexton, "Today's women riders are hip and happening! WIMA USA is here to give these lovers of thesport a heartfelt welcome, a chance to make friends around the world, and great two-wheeled adventures. One area of particularinterest to me is the growing number of younger women involved in the sport. These new riders have much to contribute tomotorcycling and the industry. WIMA USA is here to give a voice to these and all women riders. We are also part of the new,digitally connected global community. What better way to fulfill the original mission of WIMA than to make use of global connectionsto further the interests and issues of women in motorcycling? Oh yeah, and have some fun while we’re at it!"

Sheonagh Ravensdale of Dorset, England, International President of WIMA says, "There is huge excitement in the international WIMAcommunity at the news that WIMA USA has started up again -- in fact we're thrilled to bits! It's been a personal dream of mine sinceI became President that WIMA should have an active presence in the land where it all started, and that dream is now coming true."Ravensdale also invites members to the 2003 WIMA International Rally in Dorset, South West England, "Any WIMA USA membersventuring across the pond to England next July for our next international rally will be sure of a great welcome!"

WIMA offers membership in the largest global women's motorcyclist organization, access to regional and international ralliesand rides, and camaraderie around the world. For any woman who loves the sport of motorcycling, whether on slicks or knobbies,high-mileage or sticky treads, WIMA USA has a place for you!

Contact WIMA USA President or visit the WIMA USA and WIMA websites for more information: http://www.wimausa.org,

PO Box #5
Torrance, CA 90507
Contact: Alice Sexton, President (310) 782-8474

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