2002 Motorcycle Sales

Motorcycle sales are up this year again.

With year-to-date sales up a remarkable 10.7% through October 2002, the US motorcycle market can celebrate 10 consecutive years of rising sales. On-highway motorcycles typically dominate unit sales, and within that market the cruiser segment is the sales leader. It would seem that even during uncertain economic times, Americans still want new motorcycles.

Through October, total motorcycle sales for 2002 were more than 742,000. The sales figures compiled by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) are based on sales registration data for 14 reporting manufacturers and distributors.
Unit sales of on-highway motorcycles accounted for more than 62 percent of the market in 2001, with off-highway machines topping 31 percent. Scooters and dual-purpose machines account for the rest. Among the on-highway models, cruisers continue to lead the market, posting well more than 50 percent of unit sales. Sport bikes come in second with more than 20 percent of on-highway sales.
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