Mr Leno Your Bike is Ready

Sean Alexander
by Sean Alexander
Ok, in the past three hours, we've had no fewer than 10 readers submit news items on a Chrysler Concept Vehicle from the North American International Auto Show. Why would they be sending us this news? Perhaps it’s because the concept vehicle in question, has handlebars and is straddled by its rider. Oh yeah it also has 8,300 CCs 10 cylinders, 500+ H.P. and an estimated Top Speed in excess of 400 MPH.

The Chrysler/Dodge Tomahawk uses a modified V-10 Viper engine, mounted in a hybrid 4-wheeled motorcycle like chassis. The wheels appear to be about 12" apart and use motorcycle like tires. Evidently this beast has a 4-wheel independent suspension and can lean into turns.

Ready for the REALLY wild detail? It's a runner! Chrysler Group Chief Operating Officer Wolfgang Bernhard actually rode the thing across the stage and they are talking about a limited production run, priced around $250,000 each.

Highwayman, it's AMERICAN and it's BEEFY, what say you?

I promise to keep you informed as more details become available. In the mean time, you can see photos at the following sites:

first story.

story two

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