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John P Burns
by John P Burns
A new form of motor sport will make its presence felt here in the St. Louis region this summer in the form of Super Motard. A form of Motorcycle racing that was literally invented in the USA but fell out of prominence is Super Motard, it combines the elements commonly found in Motocross and Flat Track TT racing. A hybrid of these two disciplines Super Motard was adopted by the Europeans who have developed it into a high art form. US riders are fast re-embracing Super Motard and buying motorcycles specifically designed for the sport, however it is possible to convert the best Motocross equipment into effective and competitive rides.

St. Louis enthusiast Lou Cariffe and owner of MotoZone in St. Charles (an enthusiast motorcycle accessory shop) has teamed up with Neville McNaughton who is better know for the Motorcycle Track Days run by Midwest Rider, L.L.C. Lou has dedicated a great deal of effort to getting himself up to speed and making sure that his shop will have everything needed to service the new Super Motard Rider.

In 2002 Midwest Super Motard rented the St. Louis Karting Association's facility twice and ran two fun day events. These events tested the waters and the decision was made to set a full race program for 2003. Located at the Pevely I-55 complex this excellent venue will be the permanent home for Midwest

Super Motard for the following dates: APRIL 12/13, MAY 10/11, JUNE 14/15, AUGUST 9/10, SEPTEMBER 6/7, SEPTEMBER 27/28. For more information go online at: www.midwestsupermotard.com

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John P Burns
John P Burns

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