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The other day I was going to work early in the morning, probably around 6am, and I was lane splitting (legal here in California). Traffic was going about 20 at the time, although it was constantly changing from about 40 to about 15 mph. I had been taught in the MSF training course that if traffic is below 40 and you don't go more than 15mph above the flow of traffic, then it is legal. I was going about 30 or 35, so borderline legal. Well I ended up getting pulled over and getting a ticket. I explaind to the cop that according to what I was taught in the MSF course I was legal. His only comment was that I shouldn't listen to what some guy told me (my thought here is that MSF is endorsed by the CA DMV so it wasn't just some guy that told me this) and that it was dark (not that dark, I could see fine), and something could be hanging out of a truck.

What I am getting at is, has anyone succesfully fought a lane splitting ticket before, and if so what did you do? Also anyone else have any suggestions about fighting the ticket?

Sounds like Allan here is headed to that honored California tradion: Traffic school! Remember, though, you've been instructed not to listen to anything they tell you ;-)

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'02 ZX-6R

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