Loud Pipes Cost a Life?

John P Burns
by John P Burns
FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) -- A man has pleaded guilty to charges he shot a motorcyclist after became angrythat the biker was loudly revving his engine while stopped in traffic.

Charles E. Patton, 62, of Fort Wayne faces a two-to-eight-year prison sentence if a judge accepts theplea agreement that lawyers announced Wednesday (12/4). In exchange for pleading to a felony charge ofcriminal recklessness, felony charges of aggravated battery and battery against Patton would bedismissed.

Patton was charged with shooting Robert M. Chapman in the chest in September 2001 during theconfrontation that began as Patton's car was stopped next to Chapman at a traffic signal.The fight began when Chapman revved his motorcycle engine and suggested that Patton roll up his windowsand buy ear plugs when Patton asked to keep the engine quiet.

Patton then followed Chapman and bumped the motorcycle with his bumper when Chapman later stopped on the side of the road. Chapman grabbed Patton by the shirt and threatened to harm him when Patton pulled outhis gun and fired one shot, striking Chapman in the chest, authorities said.

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John P Burns
John P Burns

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