Bandit Oil Blues Staff
by Staff
A problem has been brewing for Suzuki with a reported oil-consumption problem in late model Bandit 1200’s. Although the problem has been well documented by Bandit owners, the company refuses to take an official stand on the issue. It’s surprising that a well-respected company like Suzuki could ignore the problem, for instance on one message board alone ( there are over 1500 posts dealing with the issue. Suzuki’s silence on the issue seems to be turning into a PR disaster.

We've always admired our local Harley-Davidson (Bartels' H-D, Marina del Rey, CA) dealer's open, honestand fun policy for recalls: Throw a big party and invite everyone down! If you have to deal with the recall, you might as well make it fun and give out free hotdogs... ...but, what the heck do we know?

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