2002 Code Wheelie School Reader Feedback

Jason Roberts writes:

Dear readers, I must confess, in the interest of full journalistic disclosure, that I have an erection problem. Yep, I have difficulty, err, getting it up. Actually never have been able to do it, really. It kinda goes like this: I get her goin' really good, and I'm already hot on her, and it feels like it's a comin' up and then nothing.

What, you thought I was referring to my John Thomas didn't you? You people have your filthy minds in the GUTTER! I am truly shocked, flabbergasted even.

Ahem. What I meant was, I can't wheelie. My stunt skillz aren't up to hooligan par...

Despair not! MO -- with help from the illustrious guru of all things two-wheeled, Keith Code -- comes to the rescue!

Rejoice! Be merry, read the story, and leave some feedback below.

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