An Unbelievable Story: More Gated Community Nonsense Staff
by Staff
Here is a link to a type of story that you guys could spend more time addresing:It's about a Jacksonville, Florida gated community and their motorcycle attitudes. Keep in mind that this community is not all that "exclusive". It's nice enough I guess but it's no Palm Springs. I've lived across the street from it for years. There is no golf course or anything like it. The people are only a peg above middle class. Their attitudes towards motorcycles are astounding.


Now, we here @MO try not to proffer opinions (well, at least the rest of us don't whilst Johnnyb is offin Spain at the Duck 749 intro), but, well, our opinion on this is pretty clear: This "community" blows goats. Who are they to impose such rules and limitations on our basic right to gasoline-powered transportation? Hello? Freedom? Isn't it premised on the concept of preventing the "moral" majority from squashing the views of the minority? Are we niave? Why does this piss us off so much? Giving up now...

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