Suzuki GSX1400; The Hemi 'Cuda of Motorcycles and the Injustice Concerning It Staff
by Staff
I think I can safely say that I'm not the only one to clench a sphincter in rage and indignation at the thought of a big, brawny, tourque-atious, big block havin' retro bike being offered only to the european and Japanese markets. I mean, Jiminy Christmas guys, what kind of inbred, NASCAR obsessed, knuckleheaded redneck did Suzuki hire to dedcide which bikes go where? I mean c'mon, let's just state the obvious here, folks! Lemmeesee.....

A big, sporty retro bike that has the moto-four cylinder equivalent of a big block, is styled reminiscent of the early 80's (in motorcyle years that's the late sixties), and makes big torque way down low... Hey! Isn't this the two wheeled equivalent of a big block muscle car like a 427 Chevette, 454 shortbed Chevy, 440 charger or 426 Hemi-Cuda? Sure, it doesn't have a Muncie four speed or a posi-locker, but I don't think Muncie makes constant mesh transmissions, or even transmissions at all anymore for that matter. Anyway, my point is (as if it's not already obvious), why in the frickin' frackin' oompa-loompitey-doo would a bike like this NOT come to America first, when our entire culture just gobbles up this kind of stying, motor, and power? If anyone has any reason why they think the GSX1400 being sold in the states isn't a ridiculously obvious move for Suzuki, I emplore you, quench my thirst for understanding.

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