Keith Code Wheelie School

Sean Alexander
by Sean Alexander
Keith Code is at it again. The founder of The California, Australian, and British Superbike Schools and author of two of motorcycling's greatest educational tomes "A Twist of the Wrist" and "The Soft Science of Motorcycle Roadracing" has created a new school called "On One Wheel"

The purpose of the school is to teach the art of wheelying. On One Wheel is not a part of the California Superbike School and will be operated as a completely separate business entity. With a maximum class size of eight students, it promises to offer a good deal of seat time and individualized attention, using the schools special wheelie bike, equipped with anti-loop controls, designed to apply the rear brake and/or interrupt the ignition, when a student over rotates. All students are guaranteed to wheelie by the completion of the day's instruction. The first class session will take place on November 18th, at Irwindale Raceway, in Irwindale California. The school's website isn't finished yet, in the mean time, you can contact them at: (323) 224-2739
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Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander

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