TheHighwayman Turns Down Lucrative MO Offer

John P Burns
by John P Burns
Corresponding via e-mail, The Highwayman has turned down a Motorcycle Online offer that would've paid him literally nothing. The conversation with the iconoclastic bombastic went like this:
Johnnyb: Are you in the LA area by any chance?
The Highwayman: Nowhere near--"parts unknown."
JB: Do you believe the stuff you write or just playing, The Highwayman?
TH: There are those who might suggest I am answering an imponderable question: if a Harley man could write, what would he say? (Much as you might wonder what your dog would say if he could talk.) But the real Harley man understands that I speak not for him, but for the ideals and values of American motorcycling itself. Y'falla?
JB: Can we play "20 Questions" via e-mail?
TH: Your offer would be temptin' were I fixin' to grandstand and carry on all about myself. But I'm not. Instead, my message is about and on behalf of all the stout and hearty men who define the essence of authentic American motorcycling.
And at least for now I'll state their case at my own pace.

Powerful prose. (Notice he left the door open there at the end, though.) No, we haven't seen the last of... The Highwayman...

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