Norwegians Have All the Fun Staff
by Staff
It may be colder than snarli in Norway, but newbie riders have it made there: Free Keith Code skills training! There's something to be said about training our new riders well, fighting the ever-present "natural selection" thining-the-ranks process...

Seems a bunch of Norwegian governmentals took Keith's school in the UK, were quite impressed, and decided to swipe a bunch of his good teaching techniques: "The Norwegians were particularly impressed with our Steering Drill, which is effective in improving a rider's ability to quickly and safely maneuver his vehicle away from dangerous situations encountered on the highway," sayeth Code in a recent press release, which continued thusly:

Code said that subsequent to their school sessions the Norwegian Department of Public Roads has become highly focused on riding technique as an important element in the public education of riders. According to Code, new licensing standards will require Norwegian cyclists to demonstrate basic riding and safety techniques which, until now, were only taught through Code's Superbike School. The new techniques will be incorporated into the existing government approved instructional materials used in driving schools throughout Norway.

"I'm extremely pleased that Norway wants to incorporate our procedures into their riding program," said Code. "Hopefully, Norway's program will eventually serve as a model for state sanctioned motorcycle instruction throughout the world."

Code said that, to his knowledge, this is the first time instructional techniques developed by a private individual or group have been incorporated into state sanctioned motorcycle instruction programs.

Pretty dang cool, don't you think? Freebie Code School for everyone!

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