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WHAT: Buell Team Elves breaks 200 mph barrier
WHERE: Bonneville 2002
CONTACT: Dave Gess 414-967-7074
[email protected]
More information including audio clips is available at http://www.teamelves.com.

Racing at the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats, Team Elves, holders of 4 motorcycle land speed records, pushed their 1995 Buell to a new record of 202.989 mph becoming the first Harley-Davidson powered motorcycle of less than 1650cc to exceed a 200 mph record speed. This shattered the old record of 157.604 MPH.
Running in the Southern California Timing Association’s (SCTA) World Finals meet October 16th –20th, the team set the new record in the 1650cc MPS-PF (modified, partially streamlined, pushrod, fuel) class.

Salt-Away, Newport Beach, California, 888-725-8292, www.salt-away.comThe record was set using a 1995 Buell S2 motorcycle equipped with a 100cubic inch Harley-Davidson motor built by Cycle-Rama of Pinellas Park,Florida, (727-546-0889, www.nightrider.com/cyclerama/) and 1987 Buell1000 bodywork.
Numerous people have attempted to break 200 mph with a Harley-Davidsonengine of this size but none have succeeded until now.
Crew chief and bike owner Aaron Wilson of Berthoud, Colorado has teamedwith rider Richard Nallin of Shreveport Louisiana for other successfulrecord setting attempts but never anything as serious as 200 MPH.
"This was a newly built and untested bike. I told Richard to feelthe bike out carefully and don't pin it if it feels the leastlittle bit uncomfortable, because there could be issues and therewere things we could adjust? said Wilson. ?Well, he came backwith a 188mph time slip (on gasoline only) and glowing reports ofa rock solid, stable bike. Man, the S2 chassis rocks. As does thehttp://www.motorcycle.com/mo/mclaw/99laguna/ bodywork. The little thingswe tweaked to keep it on the ground and going straight at these speedsworked to perfection. That was a huge relief.";
"It was time to think about 200mph. With Wes Brown & the Cycle-Ramacrew on our side, and the nitrous oxide under the tail, we could makethe power needed to get this done. The only question was whether ornot the technology existed to make one of these motors live at thatpower level for that long. I made it a point to dial in just enoughpower to get it done, to give us our best chance of survival, and itdid survive. Mission accomplished!
"That freakin' motor flat SCREAMED. Richard got off the bike and he justcouldn't say enough about it."
Richard Nallin, longtime motorcycle drag racer, was the capable pilotand one of only 4 new members of the 200 mph club at this meet. He hadthis to say about the bike and his record run: ?The salt felt just likeconcrete and the bike ran straight as a string. I almost could haverun down through there with only one hand on the bars.?
The successful 200 MPH record followed disappointment in September whenTeam members from 6 countries had flown in to attend the World of Speedevent only to have it rained out. This left Wilson and Nallin to attendthe October event with a skeleton crew from Frontline Cycles of Longmont,Colorado, another key supporter of the team.In a "one thing led to another" sequence of events, TEAM ELVES was born.Little time had passed before Buell owners from around the world weresupporting the effort, the motorcycle was being prepared and a volunteerstaff was gathered from the web site.
In 2000 records were set in 4 1000cc classes, and then in 2001 two ofthose records were bumped up with the MPS-PF record reaching 180.823
Team Elves is sponsored by member contributions and shirt sales allconducted over the internet. Support has also come from Buell Dealersand after market companies.
Bike owner and crew chief, Aaron Wilson, of Berthoud, Colorado,spearheaded the 200 mph effort. It featured Richard Nallin of ShreveportLouisiana as the rider. The bike is a highly modified 1995 Buell S2using a 100 cubic inch (1650cc) engine. The engine was built using keytechnology from Cycle-Rama of Pinellas Park, Florida, 727-546-0889,www.nightrider.com/cyclerama/. The bike features the extremelyaerodynamic bodywork from a 1987 Buell RR1000 motorcycle.

Richard Nallin of Shreveport, LA was selected to pilot the sleek 1987Buell. Nallin, 30 years old, has 14 American Drag Bike Association wins,11 American Drag Bike Association records and won the World drag bikeChampionship conducted in Melbourne, Australia in 1999.
Aaron Wilson is a 43 year old Electrical Engineer. He's been ridingmotorcycles for over 30 years. His competition experience is primarilysports car racing, having competed in SCCA Solo 1, Solo 2, GT-1, andTrans-Am over a period of 17 years, and he has dabbled in drag racingseveral times as well. He holds the GT-1 course records at two hillclimbsand two Colorado region tracks. He is married and has two children.
Team Elves is running 1650 cc MPS-PF. What does this mean? 1650cc is the displacement of themotor and translates to 100 cubic inches in American units. MPS means the bike is modified fromstock appearance and carries some bodywork but is not a full streamliner. This means the bodyworkmust show most of the front wheel and can?t extend past the end of the rear tire.
PF means the engine has valves actuated by pushrods as opposed to overhead camshafts and the Fmeans it is not running pump gasoline but some other exotic fuel, in the case of Team Elves thisfuel is Nitrous Oxide which is often called laughing gas.
Team Elves currently hold the following Bonneville records in addition to the one just set:
Class Speed
1000cc APS-PG 161.052 MPH
1000cc MPS-PG 161.207 MPH
1000cc MPS-PF (fuel) 180.823 MPH

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