Reader Feedback: XB9S Lightning

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
Okay, now that we've had the darn thing for a few weeks, find out what JohnnyB and intern SeanAlexander had to say about Buells latest offerings.

Torrance, California, October 25, 2002 -- You know what bike this bike reminds me of? It reminds me of a KTM Duke, but with a bunch more power, a KTM Duke you don't need a crane to mount. I thought I'd be able to write that "only the KTM is as stubby and small as the Buell," but my spec charts inform me that the Duke is in fact five inches longer of wheelbase than the 52-inch Buell. Come to think of it, the Lightning is closer specwise to my beloved little Yamaha TT-R125L--which has a 50-inch wheelbase and also a higher seat than the Buell. When the TT-R collapses under my (m)ass, though, it and the Buell have nearly the same ergoes.

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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