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John P Burns
by John P Burns

(Rome, GA) This weekend in Daytona, it's for all the marbles. And Pirelli and its DOT

Supercorsa radial - could walk away with the lion's share of the five major 2002 Formula-USANational Roadrace Series championships. This, fresh on the heels of the Supercorsa^Òs first WorldSupersport championship, thanks to the factory Honda Ten Kate race team and Fabian Foret.

(No, we're not making up the following statistics): Coming into this weekend's F-USA Daytona final, Pirelli and the DOT Supercorsa hold both first and second places (Craig Connell and Michael Barnes, respectively), and seven of the top ten points positions in Unlimited Superbike.

Pirellis have won 10 of the 14 Unlimited Superbike races thus far in 2002. At the last round inPortland, 15 of the 18 bikes were on Pirelli in Race One, 14 of the 17 in Race Two includingsweeps of both race podiums. As if that weren^Òt enough, in the first race, Pirelli and Michael Barnes broke both the PIR class and outright track records!

In the Pro Sportbike Series, a giant hole would have to open in the earth and selectively swallow the top five points leaders before Pirelli could miss a chance at claiming the championship. Connell, Larry Pegram, Barnes, Lee Acree, and Matt Wait are the five. Supercorsas have won five of the seven '02 Sportbike finals, and were on 16 of the top 20 at Portland, including another podium sweep and another Michael Barnes class track record.

Pirellis are on eight of the top nine in the Buell Lightning championship chase, includingthe first two places. They've won all seven 2002 series races thus far, and took the top fivespots and seven of the first eight at Portland. Oh, and what's-his-name and his Pirellis blastedthis class track record, too, on his way to the win; Dave Estok was second. "Barnie" leads thechampionship, with Clint Brotz second.

In Thunderbike, Pirelli has won two of the six finals ; Jeff Johnson leads thechampionship on Supercorsas. While in Unlimited Grand Prix, five of the seven finals have gone toPirelli. As for the company^Òs championship chances in GP, Geoff May and Mike Himmelsbach - numberone and number two lead six of the top 10 riding on Pirelli.

And in answer to the question you haven't asked: Yes, Pirelli and its Supercorsa radialare for real. And the results are proving it.
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John P Burns
John P Burns

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