Edwards to Aprilia?

John P Burns
by John P Burns
Author: Colin Edwards II (---.txucom.net)
Date: 10-15-02 11:51


I've been on the phone all morning talking to everyone you can imagine. Everyone who has ties to Honda want me to stay and the rest want to see me at Aprilia. In the end I had to make my own decision. It was very difficult to call my team and say it's not going to happen. All of the things I have posted about Honda"s actions have not been Honda bashing. I've simply stated the facts and events that transpired and let you make your own judgement. I have nothing against my team at Castrol. These are the hardest and best working group of folks I've had the pleasure to be around and I'm going to miss them.

Now a new chapter has begun and I am excited to bring my knowledge, work skills, and Michelin to Aprilia. There you have it in a nut shell. Finally it's over and we can get some sleep.


(MO Reader neoyetif2 sent this link: http://www.colinedwardsii.com/phorum/read.php?f=10&i=99&t=99.)

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John P Burns
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