How to Get Started in Road Racing

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
A wise man once said, "in order to go fast, you must not go slow." Okay, so he wasn't all that wise, but the words he said made sense to me. And apparently to alot of other people to. Granted I'm no racer, but you may want to be. If so, read FNG Sean Alexander's wonderful How-To piece on, well, how to get started in road racing.

Torrance, California, October 12, 2002 --Road racing a motorcycle in a sanctioned event is a fantastic way to improve your riding skills. For many of us sportbike types (not you Highwayman), it is also a huge thrill and the fulfillment of a long time fantasy. Unfortunately, for one reason or another most riders never actually realize the dream of being a racer. This is a shame, because there really isn't a whole lot standing between you and the racetrack. Key issues that arise to prevent us from actually racing are typically things along the lines of "I don't know where to start." "I can't afford it." and "I don't have any experience." I won't even attempt to convince you that racing is in any way inexpensive. I AM however going to offer a few suggestions, tips and words of encouragement that could prod you to take the next step and actually become a real racer, instead of a guy who sits around and says: "I coulda, woulda, shoulda..." Yeah, you COULDA been a contenda... Why weren't you?

Got any other sage advice for the newbile readers that want to get started in this exciting sport?

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