Why Radial Brakes?

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
You may think radial brakes are cool. Heck, you may not know what radial brakes are. Regardless, Jeff Gehrs ( www.braketech.com) has imparted his wisdom upon us. Please, bask gently and quickly so the line will move smoothly through out the universe.

Lake Elsinore, California, October 9th, 2002 -- Interesting how things that oftentimes appear to be a radical departure from the norm are in fact evolutionary rather than a genuine fundamental revolution. The new buzz on Radial Mount Calipers is straight fromthe automotive industry with a few minor tweaks. With cars, they've almost always mounted the calipers in a fore and aft manner because it's a straight up simple and strong way to do so. Granted, the new motorcycle version has finally taken that lead and adapted the concept by incorporating a radial mount instead of the commonplace perpendicular (90 degree to rotor face axis) mounting bosses universally prevalent today. In reality, whether calipers are mounted radially or perpendicularly is of little consequence, having only to do with the fact that the new generation calipers can be made a bit lighter via the radial mount set-up (no other significant performance difference here).

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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