Formula Xtreme Attack GSX-R1000 Reader Feedback

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
Richard Stanboli contemplates whether or not this was a good idea.New Videos: Check the story for newly updated videos!: JB gets all the luck. He asks Richard Stanboli of Attack Performance if he can rideJason Pridmores Formula Xtreme Championship Series winning GSX-R1000 and he says yes. What did I get to do? I get to shoot photos. At least drooling over that Motec data acquisition system kept me busy. Anyway, read the story and see if you agree with me when I say that JB is one lucky dog.

Wide-open throttle is another of those areas I always thought of as ablack or white issue which, it turns out, really isn't. You either havethe thing pinned or you don't, right? Now I'm no longer certain. If yougive your wife's friend a hug/kiss which accidentally evolves into a lustygrope, without malice aforethought, have you committed adultery? IsDr. Kevorkian a murderer? Is stealing bread a crime if you're starving?

P.S. I forgot to bring the onboard videos from the event to work today, so I'll be making a special trip to work (on a Saturday) to post that stuff up.

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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