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So Johnnyb recently spat off about people whining and crying without ever posting a solution, and the point seemed to be, well, nothing. (See the poll to the right.)

Regardless, it's the off-season and we're about to enter winter -- it's even (gasp!) raining here in LA! -- so we've got community, tall tales and the glory that was MO Past on our minds.

It used to be that MO was a great community place. Mind you, this was back in 1995-1997, but we had group mailing lists, forums, club databases and open calendars, we were a place where you could meet and yap with other riders.

We eventually got sidetracked into playing with testbikes full time, all the time. And who can blame us? It is much more fun than coding databases.

The advent of subscriptions is changing all that, people are demanding more (any?) and better resources here, so now's your time to tell us what it is we can help you with...

On the long-standing community todo list:

1) Web e-mail for people with (pretty cool address, no?)
2) A ride/people database. Like matchmaking, but for straight people that justwant to ride
3) Bring back the forums!
4) We hate the classifieds, they -- and especially the dishonest vendors that plied their crapola there -- made our life hard. And for what? The privilege of providing free classifieds? Yipee! You'all harped for years for an auction system, but nobody liked the one we posted (which did seem to have some glitches, oh well), so that's the last time we listen to you! Oh, wait, where were we? Right, the classifieds, bring them back and keep them free to post. Make it more clear that we'll ignore any and all spats and may pull anyone's posting ability without explanation.
5) Customizable content -- so you can filter out those brands/genres that really annoy you and only see the shiny, happy content you like
6) Let users create and moderate their own clubs/forums/email lists (this is already here, we can't remember why we shut it all down? Probably some squid threatened to sue us for some stupid reason, like someone said something bad about their bike on a list).
7) Get rid of that KPaul guy that hates MO and loves to tell us about it
8) Hire you as full-time Road Test Editor (forgettaboutit!)
9) What else? What is the 'Net good for? You tell us...

Speak now, or don't whine later!

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