Reader Feedback: Honda CBR1100XX Vs. Kawasaki ZZ-R1200

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
Right before famed MO intern, Elliot "Stickie" Strong, departed our presence to resume educational duties in the great North-West, he was commissioned to do one last story. The comparison between the CBR1100XX and the new ZZ-R1200. We now join our show already in progress.

Torrance, California, September 29, 2002 --These two lovelies were both cutting-edge big bikes built for the top-speed battles of the mid-1990s, until a bike named after a falcon called the Hayabusa came along and changed motorcycle history like only a small percentage of models ever do. It effectively relegated bikes like the venerable Blackbird and the ZX-11 (aka ZZ-R1100 in Europe) to second-tier status and opened up the market for other wacky shenanigans from Nippon, like the ZX-12R and the GSX-R1000. One of the side effects of all this activity was an unofficial high-speed moratorium put into effect in 2000 with a lid of 300kph/186mph rumored to be the "gentlemen'sagreement" among the major bike manufacturers (much like the 155mph top speed limit agreed upon by most European car makers).

Sounds fascinating, doesn't it? Well then, go read it!

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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