John Burns; Great Arguments for Stupid People

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
Do stupid people really exist? Maybe its just stupid sitautions that bring out the stupid in all of us. Maybe you should read Burnsie's latest and tell us for yourself?

Torrance, California, September 25, 2002 -- I first became aware of this particular stupid argument in law school, when a stupid ex-Army captain who was quite tall and insistent and therefore went on to become an excellent attorney I'm sure, used it. (This was the same guy who said that if he was in a foxhole with Russian tanks rolling toward it, he would not want to be sharing said hole with a homosexual. I was too retiring at the time to point out to him that--speaking as a guy who's been in a foxhole with friendly tanks rumbling around--that buggery would likely be low on the list of Things to Do at such a time.)

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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