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If you have ever considered the idea of riding in thishistorical Country you should know that you already have a group of friends in Turkey: One More Mile Riders group ( is ready to help you with planning, bike renting and information, all for free. Just visit our web site and e-mail us your plans/questions.

OMM is a Group of Riders of Motorcycles dedicated to riding perfection (training), riding discovery (touring and adventure) and riding sharing (as a service to the biking community). OMM is about sharing the passion of biking and nothing else.

We saw this lengthy description of all the great things this club is doing in Turkey -- they seem more than willing to help anyone and everyone that rides and has a good attitude head over to Turkey to explore. Thought you MOridians would be interested... --MO

We nurture this "sharing and servicing" attitude and mission without any complaints about available resources -- or the lack thereof. Some riders help with money, some others with work, some with money and work: even the riders who have left our group help with experience and friendship. After all, motorcycling is a sport where, on the road and under the helmet, all humans are equal, where an inexperienced rider with enthusiasm and humility beats the old one with presumption and disregard. Wanting to bike, wanting to learn at any occasion, opening up to anyone with the same passion is the only required fee to belong to OMM.

One More Mile Riders Group (OMM) was founded in Istanbul in 1998 as a service center for all Turkish Bikers and for Riders planning to visit this Country. “One More Mile" summarizes the belief that the ride is as important as the destination: the group works to improve riding skills, to promote the art of motorcycling and to discover new and old places. In cooperation with clubs and individuals riders, OMM aims to operate as a “Motorcycling Activities Center”: the Members (OMM Riders Group) put time, talents and resources at the disposal of fellow riders, financially supporting the costs of OMM activities and managing the OMM events. In Turkey the group is registered as a Legal Association.

• OMM Web Site at is the virtual meeting point: updated every month, it offers suggestions for rides in Turkey, it offers reading material on the technique of motorcycling and reports on group activities.
• Advanced Riding Academy (A.R.A) organizes training courses in Turkey and Abroad for all levels of riding experience. The courses cover circuit, road and off-road training.
• OMM Rides. The group plans and conducts rides in Turkey and abroad combining small groups with good riding roads with art and history. Reports and log books are published regularly on the web site.

One More Mile Website:
This site, dedicated to motorcycle culture, is designed as an Information point for all Riders interested in traveling trough Turkey. Contents is updated every month and offers:
• Detailed plans for rides in Turkey, including two “comprehensive tours” of the country.
• Advice and tips on the way to ride in the country.
• Reading material on the technique of motorcycling and reports on all training courses.
• Information from riders traveling in Turkey and reporting their experiences and suggestions.
• Information on accessories, gear and protective equipment.
• Link with clubs and groups in Turkey and abroad.
• The calendar and a history of OMM Riders Group

OMM Monthly Information Bulletin
Since November 1999 OMM has been issuing a monthly information bulletin distributed by e-mail to a list of over a thousand bikers. Every reader requested to receive the bulletin and the mailing list is strictly confidential and constantly updated. The bulletin reports first hand on the group rides and events and it is a forum for riders traveling in Turkey.

OMM Information Services
As additional to the bulletin the OMM Riders Group provides information, assistance and hospitality to all fellow riders contacting OMM via e-mail. This service may go from simple (but complete) planning of the trip to custom information, from hotel reservation to repairs of the bike. Over the year hundreds of bikers turn to OMM information service for making their rides in Turkey easier. “Biking in Turkey,” a special bulletin of OMM issued twice a year is highly praised by the international riding community as valuable source of information for riders planning Turkey in the trip.

OMM Rides
Every year, we organize a small number of rides covering historical and artistic areas of Turkey. Each ride is carefully prepared consulting the best expert of the area we plan to explore. Every year we also organize rides in foreign countries to enlarge our horizons, enjoy the new roads and meet new friends.

Advanced Riding Academy (A.R.A.) is a school, part of OMM, to promote at all levels advanced training in motorcycle. The objectives of the academy are:
• To organize and run training courses from beginners to advanced riders
• To train trainers for the diffusion of advanced riding in the country.
• To set up and maintain an international standard of evaluation for riders.
• To promote collateral courses making riding safer and more enjoyable.
• To invite experienced riders from the worldwide community to share experiences and learning.
• To promote in the country training facilities and studies on safety.
• To produce and distribute printed and audio/visual materials for training.
• To promote the image of responsible riding.
The A.R.A. program is regularly presented on the OMM web site. Over the years the academy organized several courses in Turkey and abroad qualifying more than hundred Turkish riders.

International Bureau
OMM keeps contact with major clubs, groups and organizations in the international motorcycling arena. The group encourages Turkish bikers to report on their experiences and to establish stronger contacts with the Turkish community of riders. OMM is the local community for

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