"SV650 Stage 3: Brakes" Reader Feedback

Elliot Strong
by Elliot Strong
Here we have it, folks, the second installation and a third chapter in the sagas of modifying the trusty SV650- enjoy!

Torrance, California, September 18, 2002 -- After installing the Race Tech front end and Fox Racing Shock on my trusty SV650 and testing it around both the infield and AMA tracks at Fontana, it became suddenly obvious that the brakes were the next things to need a little attention. To understand how things deteriorate after only a couple years of rain, road mung and benign neglect, it's useful to switch back and forth between factory-fresh motorcycles. (Even so, my little SV was only 1.4 seconds behind the Ducati S4 on the infield circuit with Mr. B at the helm.)

Mainly, rust never sleeps, and when rust is maybe taking a catnap, there's all kinds of dust and dirt and junk dying to get in between your brake caliper and its little pistons, creating friction, robbing feel...

So did I successfully battle rust and road goo and get those SV brakes functioning better than new? Read and learn, grasshopper.

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Elliot Strong
Elliot Strong

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