Suzuki World Cup Results

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by Elliot Strong
From Team America Grand Prix Racing Press Information:


Team America's Jason DiSalvo emerged with a pair of fourth place finishes to take an impressive third overall on aggregate in the Suzuki GSX-R World Cup Final at Magny Cours in France this weekend.

Spurred on by former world champion Kevin Schwantz and in front of 80,000 fans, the 18 year old from Batavia, New York overcame a strong international challenge to follow up his fourth place finish in Friday's first leg with a similar result in Saturday's leg two to take the final rostrum position on combined points.

In the opening race, DiSalvo overcame a race stoppage before the UK's Steve Brogan narrowly beat him after the pair enjoyed a race long battle and it took Brogan to set the fastest lap of the race - 1m 44.910s - to claim the last spot on the podium.

But it wasn't easy for third placed qualifier DiSalvo who, despite getting a good start in the second race also, faded back in the early stages as he fought to get heat into the road-based tyres but as soon as they were up to temperature, he started charging through the field going from eleventh to fourth place.

"I realised that in Europe that they don't use a white flag to indicate the final lap and I thought there was more laps to go! The tires took some time to heat up but as soon as I got going, I could pick up the pace again. To finish top American rider and beating some top Europeans is great for me," said Jason.

Team Owner Jim DiSalvo was equally happy with the result: "We've spent a lot of time in Europe and to gain this result is very satisfying. Jason rode well and to beat the likes of Steve Brogan who is a top rider in the UK is even more pleasing."

Race One Results:1: Olivier Four (France) 15:49.464, 2: G Fiorillo (Italy) +3.691, 3: S Brogan (UK) +6.637, 4: J DiSalvo (USA) +6.894, 5: J Dugan (USA) +12.263, 6: KH Hennemann (Germany) +13.277, 7: S Jond (France) +15.718, 8: J Kirkham (UK) +16.864, 9: J Hurtado (Spain) +17.525, 10: F Heidger (Germany) +18.111

Race Two Results: 1: O Four (France) 17:42.262, 2: G Fiorillo (Italy) +0.448, 3: L Conforti (Italy) +1.550, 4: J DiSalvo (USA) +3.419, 5: S Charlton (Australia) +4.160, 6: J Dugan (USA) +4.566, 7: S Brogan (UK) +5.781, 8: S Jond (France) +8.220, 9: KH Henemann (Germany) +8.530, 10: L Pini (Italy) +9.736

Final Points Standings: 1: Four 40, 2: Fiorillo 34, 3: DiSalvo 26, 4: Brogan 24, 5: Dugan 21, 6: Jond 17, 7: Hennemann 17, 8: Conforti 15, 9: Charlton 13, 10: Heidger 11, 11: Livengood 8, 12: Hurtado 8, 13: J Kirkham (UK) 8, 14: Pini 7, 15: Tangre 6, 16: T Fluckiger (Switzerland) 5, 17: Molen 2

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