'03 Hondas Reader Feedback

Elliot Strong
by Elliot Strong
More new model mayhem! Once again, we've got Mr. J. Burns with his take on the new Hondas...

Torrance, California, September 13, 2002 -- Sorry for the false alarm, ladies and gentlemen. Of the " eight new models," only one is a sportbike, and it is the new CBR600RR, to be sold alongside the existing CBR600F4i. Take it back; there's also the Valkyrie Rune, which is a sportbike if big cruisers are your sport.

Dirtbike-wise, there's the four-stroke CR250R, and the CR250X--which is just like it but with a starter button. After that we're talking a new 50cc four-stroke scooter,the Ruckus, and some ATVs and a turbocharged watercraft...

Check out the rest of the article for details on the new 600 and the Rune- it's looking like 2003 will be a most interesting year in bike land. What say you?

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Elliot Strong
Elliot Strong

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