Buell Lightning XB9S Reader Feedback

Elliot Strong
by Elliot Strong
BattleTrax: parking lot racing, a la autocross, but with bikes. What better way to introduce an aggressive streetfighter?

Irwindale, California, September 9, 2002 -- After spending a significant amount of time on the XB9R Firebolt, we were pretty sure that Buell had something up its sleeve. The Firebolt is great, mind you, but we felt that the engine was somewhat "rustic" compared to the rest of the machine.

But even with its character-enhancing qualities, we felt the XB9R was still a fantastic effort in the realm of modern sportbike design. All the modern and technologically advanced parts were there for a reason. Even simple things were attacked and re-done for the sake of the Trilogy (low unsprung weight, mass centralization and chassis rigidity). For the most part, everything did work...

So check out Calvin's story on the first impressions of this intriguing addition to the Buell lineup and fire away below.

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Elliot Strong
Elliot Strong

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