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Elliot Strong
by Elliot Strong
Calvin Kim, aka Hackfu, has returned from a triumphant trip to North Carolina to sample some of BMW's latest wares. Read on...

Biltmore Estate, North Carolina, September 3, 2002 -- When BMW came out with the R1200C five years ago, a lot of people raised eyebrows. Everybody knew how rough and tumble the cruiser industry was back then. It still is pretty hot if you think about it. Nevertheless, amidst the skepticism the C took off and has proved a success for BMW. In fact, the C has become so successful that BMW has produced four different variations of the beast.

Now, at the new-model intro at the Biltmore Inn in North Carolina the CL makes five.

Trying to capture another segment of the burgeoning cruiser market, BMW has decided to enter into the decidedly slower pace of the "cruising-tourer" or is that "touring-cruiser"? Regardless, what we have here is essentially a heavily modified C cruiser outfitted with BMWs best touring goodies.

Check out Hackfu's latest article and post your thoughts on BMW's cruiser-tourer below.

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