John P Burns
by John P Burns
Harumph, a little ERRATA to take care of. This is what happens when you leave the kids alone for a day.

Number one, action photos graciouslysupplied by Mr. Daniel Oconnell, official photographer of Fastrack. (This is cool: When you do a Fastrack day, Oconnell shoots digital all day, then you can look at the proofs a couple days later, at if you see yourself looking good,you can order up a bunch for Christmas cards.) Actually though, the stuffin this test was Dan's first time shooting bikes--things are already lookingbetter, and Big Dan's looking at some new hi-zoot lens too.

Also, as far as picking a WINNER, it is a bit confusing isn't it? This is what happens when you give women the vote. I think the ZRX smoked theothers conclusively, but I'm sort of alone--except for Tate and Hatch--whose votes we didn't count because they weren't there to ride theDucati S4.

And speaking of fastrack, the final 2002 Fontana days are this weekend, August 24 and 25. A true BARGAIN at $195!

I think that's all.


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John P Burns
John P Burns

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