Carmichael Clinches AMA Motocross Championship

Elliot Strong
by Elliot Strong
From a Honda Press Release:

AMA/Chevy Trucks US Motocross Series, Round 10: Spring Creek MotocrossPark, Millville, MN, Sunday, August 18

Honda Racing's Ricky Carmichael continued his dominance in Millville with1-1 moto victories and a 1st place overall finish, clinching the 2002 AMA250cc Motocross title! With two national events remaining, Carmichael hasthe opportunity to be the first 250cc rider to go undefeated in the outdoormotocross series.

En route to winning 2 titles this year, RC has dominated 2002 winning 21out of 26 events so far - 11 main events in Supercross, and 10 straightoveralls in outdoor motocross.

"You know, I've just been getting out there and riding hard," said asmiling Ricky Carmichael. My Honda CR250R worked perfectly again and I wasable to get out early and hold on for the win. We've got two more races togo and I'm just planning on going out there and continue to do what I'vedone all season."

Honda teammates Sebastien Tortelli and Nathan Ramsey both rode consistentraces in Millville. Tortelli put his CR250R on the podium with a 3-4 finishfor 3rd overall. Ramsey finished in 5th place with a 2-6 score.

Amsoil / Dr. Martens / Journeys / Honda Racing's Mike LaRocco was solid allday finishing the race in sixth with a 5-5 score. LaRocco along with NathanRamsey are campaigning CRF450R four-stroke motocross machines.

In the 125cc division, Honda CR125R mounted Ernesto Fonseca raced to a 5thoverall finish with a score of 4-5 for the day. Amsoil / Dr. Martens /Journeys / Honda Racing's Chris Gosselaar and Michael Byrne finished 7thand 8th respectively, while teammate Travis Preston placed 10th with a11-13 score.

125cc Overall Results:

1. James Stewart - Kawasaki2. Chad Reed - Yamaha3. Brock Sellards - KTM4. Matt Walker - Kawasaki5. Ernesto Fonseca - Honda7. Chris Gosselaar - Honda8. Michael Byrne - Honda10. Travis Preston - Honda 125cc Points Standings: 1. James Stewart - Kawasaki - 4292. Chad Reed - Yamaha - 3353. Branden Jesseman - Suzuki - 3254. Ernesto Fonseca - Honda - 3095. Danny Smith - Suzuki - 251 250cc Overall Results: 1. Ricky Carmichael - Honda2. Ezra Lusk - Kawasaki3. Sebastien Tortelli - Honda4. Tim Ferry - Yamaha5. Nathan Ramsey - Honda 250cc Points Standings: 1. Ricky Carmicahel - Honda - 5002. Tim Ferry - Yamaha - 3863. Ezra Lusk - Kawasaki - 3474. Sebastien Tortelli - Honda - 3215. Kyle Lewis - Honda - 2777. Robbie Reynard - Honda - 2288. Mike LaRocco - Honda - 22810. Nathan Ramsey - Honda - 146 Next Round: Round 11, August 25, Binghamton, NY
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