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Elliot Strong
by Elliot Strong
So what happens when you take a used SV and throw a couple of relatively cheap and simple modifications at it? Read on and find out!

Torrance, California, August 16, 2002 -- The time had come for some serious work to be done on my trusty 2000 Suzuki SV650; it had survived two Seattle winters and traveled more than 16000 miles, looking great but in need of some mechanical luvin'.

I was past due on the 15000-mile service, it was desperately in need of some new sprockets and a chain, the exhaust needed repacking, the forks felt like they were filled with Jell-O, and the shock absorber was no longer absorbing shocks...

So how would a modified SV compare to, sayyy, a megabuck Ducati Monster S4 on the track? Answers to this question and more awaits you in the article. So what say you? Have your own tips for achieving SV greatness? Despise the SV with all of your core being? Pontificate below.

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Elliot Strong
Elliot Strong

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