BMW F650CS Reader Feedback

Elliot Strong
by Elliot Strong
Once again, Yossef Schvetz pulls through with his first impressions of BMW's new F650CS:

Italy, 09 August 2002 -- Ever heard of David Robb? Well, now you have. This bespectacled chap stands behind all of the controversial two-wheeled stuff that's been coming out of Munich lately, prompting the established Beemer fraternity to wonder where it's all going to end. Before you rule him out as just another sophisticated European designer, the guy's an American, a bachelor of the famous Pasadena Art Center Automotive Design department. His team's latest creation, the F650CS, has left many a journo a bit perplexed to say the least. What the hell IS that?

I mean, previous incarnations of the F650 family could still be somehow related to street-oriented dual-purpose mounts--"Funduros" in BMW's terms. But this?! The new F650CS "Scarver" seems to have carried the street-terizing of the F series to its final resting place, an all-street model, while breaking a few rules in the process.

Check out BMW's latest creation, and spout off how wacky or practical you think it is below.

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