Hoochie Has Brains

Raynette Brodie
by Raynette Brodie
After two days without a shower and a severe computer monitor headache I'm barely awake enough to write this post. Ok you little whiners. You want new crap, hoochie is launching new crap. MO now has an active auction site. It works like this -

everyone who has a MO username is signed-up, or register to post auctions and sell stuff. If you are a paid MO subscriber you are also registered to bid. You're there man! Go feed the supply and demand of all your desires in MO auction. Ok, if you are not a MO subscriber you can still sell down to the shirt off your back because this functionality will always be free. However, stop right there you nonsubscriber!! You can't bid. Oh no, absolutely not. ANYONE can sell, and this is a free MO service, but only subscribers can bid.

Aww, there it's posted.Now, pretty please go and beat down this new toy as quickly as possible (as if I have to ASK) so I can break out my shiny key and fix it for the good of all humanity. In a few weeks, I head south on my scuba diving vacation and it will be a challenge to attend your inquiry from sunny San Carlos, Mexico. That said, we will promptly respond to any unexpected problems that pop up. If you get an error message, we want to know about it. If there are more bugs in there than your little cousins ant farm then...well, there aren't because I'm cool like that so go ahead, make my day.
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Raynette Brodie
Raynette Brodie

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