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Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
Buell introduced its new XB9S a couple of weeks ago, and it's just like the highly impressive XB9R but with just the changes we at MO would make ourselves, if we at MO ever actually did anything. Mainly, instead ofhaving to assume the Position, the S mounts a tubular handlebar that moves the grips considerably rearward and higher. It also appears the R's high-ish footpegs have been de-elevated about an inch. A stubbyrearsection devoid of plastic creates what Buell calls a "dirt-tracker tuned to tame the street."

Otherwise, rake, trail, wheelbase, horsepower and weight are all same as the XB9R. We should have an S to toy with around September 5 or so, and so a reason to go on living, sigh.... read more for more pictures.

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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