Racers Get Naked for Charity

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
From a toe-curling press release:
AMA road racers are buffing up before they slip out of their leathers to strut their stuff in pursuit of the second most prestigious title in motorcycling - the inaugural Pit Daddy beauty pageant.

If you've ever wondered what your favorite rider looks like out of his gear, come to Virginia International Raceway, August 9-11, for the last AMA Superbike round. That's where all will be revealed...

We go beyond the lap times and beneath the leather when Cycle News, together with Parts Unlimited Dunlop and Teknic, presents the inaugural Pit Daddy competition, benefiting the Clayton Foundation, which provides aid for injured motorcycle racers.

Almost every male AMA road racer you can think of will be a part of a beauty pageant that will feature two categories: formal wear and swimwear. Contestants will first parade in their riding leathers before returning to the stage in swimsuits donated by Quicksilver.

Pit Daddy judges will ignore speed and skill, will pay scant attention to style and grace, and focus oh-so-closely on pecks and butts.

Enthusiasm for the event has been unprecedented. Not one rider needed to be handcuffed and whipped to participate. Eric Bostrom said yes to the beauty parade before knowing he was a contestant.

Already there's been a distinct change in the AMA paddock as riders do push ups and sit ups between practice and qualifying sessions. Pit Daddy spokesman Kevin Schwantz has already started a strict training routine and the evidence is proudly displayed on the Cycle News website.

Current AMA Superbike Champion Mat Mladin was officially quoted as saying: "I'll be there for sure, with a Chiko Roll down my pants." Those unsure what a Chiko Roll will have to be there to find out.

Money will be raised through cash and product sponsors. Motorcycle companies are already signing checks to aid the cause and product is being given hand-over-fist for the pageant's raffle. Blata have generously donated a pocketbike valued at $3,800; win one of Keith Code's Superbike Schools, Freddie Spencer's High Performance Schools or Kevin Schwantz's 2003 Suzuki Schools. Teknic has donated an entire riding wardrobe, Joe Rocket a personally signed Nicky leather jacket while Alpinestars are throwing in dozens of their underwear along with three jackets. There's Scott Russell memorabilia, Ducati World Superbike stuff, and the list goes on.

Corona beer is the official beverage sponsor-a necessary one, according to several would-be contestants. All money from beer sales will also go to the Clayton Foundation.

Artist Lee Bivens has donated his talents to designing the Pit Daddy crown and drawing some interesting illustrations for the website and road race photographer Brian J Nelson will be capturing the whole evening on film.

Raffle tickets can be purchased online at http://www.cyclenews.com/pitdaddy for just $10 each, with all proceeds going to the foundation. Tickets to the pageant will be on sale for $15 at the Cycle News booth at Virginia International Raceway or at the door. The night will include a pig roast dinner, music and a display of male bravado you'll never forget.

For more information, including a list of contestants, raffle prizes and funds raised go to http://www.cyclenews.com/pitdaddy

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