The Unkindest Cut

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
From the anal fissure of John Burns:
I've been insulted enough times to have grown a pretty thick hide, but theConway Twitty hair crack the other day wounded me deeply because it is soterribly accurate. This is what happens when you leave Minime and Hackfuto choose the photos for a story. Listen, Twitty's coif was artificiallyproducued via the psychedelic hair-care products of the 60s; my shit isall natural and beating into a stiff breeze in the photo. And why am Ialways the target anyway? Hackfu looks like the classic Godzilla-moviescientist in that shot...

Feel free to target him in the future also, won'tyou?

Right, sorry for the scarcity of content lately, but we at MO are onlyhuman, we need a break from the action now and then ourselves (especiallyMini, who's been getting an unprecedented amount of actionlately...). Anyway, look for our test of the all-new `03 Honda ST1300 togo up this afternoon, and in the meantime there's an excellent Joe Glydonup at, which we would've run ourselves if we'd rememberedto pay JG for the last one. Eeeee.... Also, Buell XB9R doubters might wishto check up on that bike's exploits, against a field of inline 600s, atlast weekend's WERA event atLoudon:

Right, I'm off to get a haircut before winging east for the Kevin Schwantzracing school at Road Atlanta. Kev may be beyond where I have anything toteach him, but I'll try. Carry on.

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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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