Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog Reader Feedback

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
Yossef Schvetz writes:

"Oh my, oh my, what a little teaser she was. Just two years ago, a fresh and naked beauty ended up as a desktop background on countless computer screens around the world and prompted grown men (me included) to drool. Yep, that brutal MT01 concept Yamaha showed at the Tokyo Show was one hell of a turn-on. But in life, fantasy and reality do not often meet. The promise of a big-big-bore streetfighter, (or was it a supermoto withthe mother of all engines?) ended up splitting into two different and somewhat diluted versions. Americans got their low & mean 1700 Road Warrior to play with, while Europe had to be content with a...mmm... how to call it? A naked power standard? Urban retro cruiser? Big pseudo-trailie-on-acid? Enter the BT1100 Bulldog.

"So like many Yamahas before, the BT1100 Bulldog is a tool that resists conventional definition.

"Yes, it does have Ducati Monster influences, some traces of that sexy MT01 concept bike and maybe a pinch of Buell poise thrown in, yet surprisingly, at the end of the day the result is so original that it earns the privilege of founding a new niche. Original-schmoriginal, the BT1100 is also a fine example of progressive motorcycle design, from its stubby proportions and bold shapes down to the abundance of amazing fine details. Countless approving nods from Milanese motorcyclists showed that at least on the styling front, Yamaha's designers got it more than right."

Do you agree? Do you think Yamaha should bring this bike into the States? What say you?

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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